Best Programming Languages to develop android applications in 2021 Latest Update Albums

Best Programming Languages to develop android applications in 2021 Latest Update

Best Programming Languages to develop android applications in 2021

Comparison between Kotlin and JAVA
What is Kotlin
What is Java
What is c#
What is c++
What is python
What are Javascript, HTML, and CSS
Kotlin VS java
Pros and Cons of kotlin
Pros and Cons of Java
What are the applications of Kotlin
What are the most popular programming Language
Why Us?

High-level and best programming languages are more complex than the languages the computer actually understands. Google I/O introduced Kotlin two years ago. Since then, Kotlin has cemented itself as a leader in the Android app development industry. This is due to the fact that a large percentage of Android apps are written in Java and many people take help from many Academic writing services both online and offline.

Comparison between Kotlin and JAVA

The greatest thing you can do if you want to build apps in a language other than Java is to go over to Kotlin

CompilationVirtual MachineBytecodes
Smart Casts
Singletons Objects
Null SafetyΧ
Non-private FieldsΧ
Invariant ArrayΧ
Wildcard TypesΧ

Let’s Dive into the Best Programming Languages:

What is Kotlin

Open-source programming language Kotlin can run on the Java Virtual Machine (JVM)Kotlin was created by JetBrains and is backed by Google on an official basis Leaders in the business world such as Pivotal and Atlassian are now utilizing Kotlin to create Android apps. Kotlin was ranked 6th in a recent study by Jexenter.

Pros and Cons of kotlin

Some pros and cons of kotlin are mentioned below

Pros● Writing and deploying a programme requires fewer lines of code and less time, therefore your software will be created faster.● Kotlin is considerably easier to learn than Java because it doesn’t require any prior experience in mobile app development to get started.● A 100 per cent Java-compatible programming language, Kotlin was developed by Google.Cons● For Kotlin, there are only a handful of developers. The Android app development business is experiencing a skills shortage.●  When it comes to speed, it can be quite quick, but when it comes to performance, it may be substantially slower than its competitors, such as Java

What is java

This programming language is often regarded as being one of the finest for apps The latest TIOBE index, published in December 2018, ranks Java as the top programming language in the world. More than just an Android app creation tool, it offers a wide range of Java’s benefits and downsides are listed here.

Pros and Cons of Java

Some pros and cons of Java are mentioned below

Pros● Due to the fact that Java was used to build Android, it already contains libraries and SDKs to assist in the creation● Programs written in Java may run on practically any system thanks to the Java Virtual Machine, which is platform-independent and can run on any operating system.Cons● In comparison to other languages, Java uses more memory and is slower.●  As a result of Java’s lengthy code requirements, it is more time consuming but you can get help from Academic help services online 

What is c#

Android” is a cross-platform C# implementation. C# may be used to create native Android apps that can be shared across various platforms, such as iOS and Android. Garbage collection is implemented in C# as well, thus memory leaks are minimised.

What is c++

It is possible to develop android apps using the Android Native Development Kit and C++ (NDK). It is not possible to develop a complete programme in C++, therefore the NDK may be used to implement sections of it in native C++ code instead. Java is a better choice than C++ because it offers more benefits for the same amount of effort.

What is python

Despite the fact that Android does not allow native Python programming, Python may be used to create Android apps. Python apps may be converted into Android packages with the help of tools. An open-source Python library used to create mobile applications is Kivy.

What are Javascript, HTML, and CSS

Using the Adobe PhoneGap framework, you may develop apps that are shown in a “WebView“. HTMLCSS, and JavaScript may be used to develop apps. Developing a great Android app involves a lot of labour and a lot of JavaScript.

Kotlin VS java

While Java code is more succinct and safer, Kotlin code is more. Apps for Android may live with both Kotlin and Java files. In Google I/unveiling O’s of Kotlin, the question of whether to use Java or Kotlin was answered

Coding lines per programme may be reduced by 40 per cent with KotlinKotlin is often taught in a few hours to a Java developer. Pasting Java code into a Kotlin file is all it takes to convert Java to Kotlin in Android Studio

What are the applications of Kotlin?

Application of kotlin are as under:

  1. Amaze File Manager
  2.     Signal
  3.     Spotify
  4.     Cash App
  5.     Twitter

What are popular programming languages?

Based on the number of competent engineers throughout the world, the TIOBE Programming Community Index maintains these ranks on a monthly basis. One can choose from a wide range of popular programming languages at the time of this article’s publication.

  • C
  • C++
  • C# 
  • PHP
  • Python
  • Groovy
  • Groovy
  • Java 
  • Visual Basic 
  • JavaScript
  • SQL
  • Assembly language


What areis the Kotlin’s additionaladditional Kotlin’s featuresfeature?Kotlin code is smaller than Java code because it is less verbose. Due to the fact that all null circumstances in the code will be flagged at build time, there is no risk of NullPoint “is-checks” for immutable values being available in the Java Android version of Kotlin, and the language also uses automatic casting when necessary.What is PHP?PHP is an object-oriented programming language with a high level of abstraction. In some respects, it’s comparable to JavaScript, except it’s server-side rather than client-side. When combined with JavaScript, it’s a powerful tool for web developers.Which is better? Kotlin or JavaKotlin is more expressive than Java thanks to characteristics such as more declarative, less code, and a For corporate apps and mobile devices, this makes Kotlin superior to Java. This Language considered the best programming language due to several reasons and the one reason is, it includes the fact that Kotlin interacts with Java and allows for incremental changes in codeWhat is SQL?Data in databases are managed using Structured Query Language (SQL). This isn’t a general-purpose programming language like many of the others we’ve discussed so far. Compared to other programming languages such as C or Java, its use is far more limited and restricted.


Developing Android Apps does not have a “proper language”. Now it’s up to you, based on your goals and interests, to decide which language to use. Keep in mind that anything you choose will only enhance your Android development abilities and help you become a better Android developer.

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