Check Out The Historical Importance Of Waist Beads In Love Making And The Negative Side Effects Of It! NEWS

Check Out The Historical Importance Of Waist Beads In Love Making And The Negative Side Effects Of It!

Check Out The Historical Importance Of Waist Beads In Love Making And The Negative Side Effects Of It!

Waist beads also referred as belly chains were common sight growing up in the 90s in southwest Nigeria. Commonly known as ” ileke Idi” in Yoruba, it adorned women’ s backside across ages. From newborn babies to teenagers and even grey heads, this $exy African inner wear however keeps fading into oblivion.

The culture of adorning the waist with waist beads originated from Ancient Egypt where they referred it as ” girdles” and were worn by women as a status symbol. In West Africa, the tradition was made notable by the Yorubas who wore waist beads for so many uncountable reasons.

This days, it is quite common to hear people ask whether waist beads are evil and the significance of charms waist beads in a relationship.

Are waist beads evil and fetish?

This question has always been asked because we found ourselves in the era that charms seems to be winning in everything some of us do. Waist beads may or may not be evil! The history of waist beads dates back to antiquity. Although the historical existence of waist beads generated its way from Ancient Egypt while the tradition of it was made notable and famous by Yoruba women because they worn it as a symbol of womanhood, femininity, fertility, healing, body shaping, wealth and $exuality.

In as much as we know that some ladies put on waist beads because of;

  • Healing and meditation
  • Heritage and pride
  • Maturity and growth
  • Body shapers
  • $exual satisfaction
  • Traditional practices and so many more, do you know the negative side effects of wearing waist beads?

What are the negative side effects of putting on this hand crafted art?

  • Many men identified ladies that wore waist beads as prost! tués, Yes, we have on many occasions see some men calling ladies a harlot because she is displaying her waist beads and because of that, we have classified it as a negative side effects.
  • Bacterial and infection: in as much as waist beads has a positive effects, there is definitely negative side effects of it. As a lady, you have to remove your waist beads once a while to allow air reach your waistline.
  • Some colours of waist beads signifies evil and charms.

Importance of waist beads in love making

Africa is hugely endowed with strange traditions and beliefs which relates to $ex. Here are some of the few reasons why African traditionalist consider waist beads important in love making.

  • A deeper spiritual connection can develop through waist beads and praying traditionally with your partner.
  • Waist beads makes a lady look more appealing and eye- catching to her partner. It is believed that a woman in waist beads is $exually appealing to men. Most African men love to see their wives and girlfriends in waist beads as many of them have disclosed that seeing a woman in waist beads turns them on.
  • Waist beads gives a woman the freedom to be versatile with her $exual life. That is to say that switching out waist beads by wearing different colours for different moods, or different styles and designs on events.
  • Some waist beads are created to inspire, prosper and create, all this can be transmitted through $exual energy and because of that, waist beads can attract and transfer energy between lovers.

Apart from what we mentioned here, why are you putting on waist beads? are you among the people that wear it as Fashion or as it’ s significance and importance? Kindly share and stay tuned for more! ! !

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