Courtship Meaning And What You Need To Know About It TRENDING

Courtship Meaning And What You Need To Know About It

Courtship is the period of development towards a sexual relationship wherein a couple get to know each other and decide whether there will be an engagement, followed by a marriage. Wikipedia

Courtship Meaning And What You Need To Know About It

Life before Marriage which we knew as Courtship is so vital in someone’s life. This time you’re no more under the pressure of anybody. During this time you can do and undo. During this period you have the right to choose anything you wish for yourself. I can call this period COMFORT ZONE because you have 100% right over yourself on what you likes or dislikes.

Hmmm BUT, this time is a time that children of God needs to be more careful especially in the choice of whom to marry. It’s around this time that the Devil do wait for to destroy the future & glory of the Children of God through the Choice they made. It’s around this time that you have know what you want to become in life, working on what you want to become in life, that you need to be careful of what will be your end when married.

See, the choice you made during this time will determine who you are right when you’re a teenager, will determine your life, your future.

It’s a time to make your parents proud of you.

Courtship Meaning And What You Need To Know About It

But it’s so pitiful that some youths do take this period for granted simply because the have the keys of choice in their hands. So they do as they like, live their life carelessly without bothering of what will later become their lifestyle at the end.

See, if during this time you failed to sit yourself down, plan for your life, work well on yourself before you try to accept any proposal or proposing to someone, what will become of you later will be regret, I pray that will not be our portion in Jesus name, Amen.

The pressure of whom to marry, go and bring your fiance/fiancee home is not what you should be thinking about most, die on, or lost yourself because of it. But it’s time to know the reason why you’re on this planet. If you’re at the age of 23 upward and you’ve not know why you’re on this planet, what you want to become in life, you’ve not know the work that you’re destined to do, course of studies,etc I wonder what you’re doing while in teenager and I wonder what or where you will be in the next 5/7/10 years to come.

Courtship Meaning And What You Need To Know About It

✓ This time is the time that you need to have work well on yourself. Know why you’re here. Know what you want to do or become in life. Know the area of your calling or your gifts. Know the difference between good and bad. Know who to chose as friends, who to walk with, who to share your secret life with ,etc

✓ It’s a time that you need to depend wholly on God, not in yourself, not in your achievement, not in your studies, not in your partner, not in your friends. Because all this can fail you, disappoint you but only God will never fail nor disappoint you, it’s only God that will be their for you when no one does. No wonder King David said “When my father and mother(let me say those who you’ve put your trust on) rejected me, it’s then the Lord accepted me”. Don’t be afraid when disappointed during this time, don’t be afraid when friends turn out to be an enemy, don’t be afraid when you failed over a situation, all that you will encounter or pass through during this time is part of life, it’s you that you should plan well for yourself, know the kind of life you will live, know the people you will chose as friends or walk with.

God will only be beside those who are with Him, for Him not with those that have deray from Him or those who have forgotten Him.

✓ It’s a time to know the choice of whom to marry. Don’t just say now I’m through with my studies, I have a good and well paying work doing, my parents have possessions that I want to to inherite, so what next is to marry anyone I come in contact with because my mate has gotten married, No.

Remember, the person you got married with or choose as life partner will determine how you will go far in life in the future. Don’t get married to someone saying you married because of love or pressure from your parents or because you want to be giving you orgasm.

is a Point of No Return, when you enter it there’s a point of going back. I pity those who engaged in divorce system nowadays for one reason or another. Have you forgotten that Jesus Christ said in Matthew. 19 that “What God have joined together,let no man put assunder”. That’s why you need to watch your eyes well now, think well, sit yourself down, plan for yourself before you propose to that sister and before you accept that proposal.

Don’t marry because of the gifts,talent, beauty, possessions, fame you’re seeing, marriage is more than that. The reason why there’s divorce today is that people failed to plan well on themselves and on the choice of whom they want to married to.

Sit yourself down, think most of the future not of today only. Can this sister/brother be there for me when I’m dying? Hope it’s not because of who I am that he want to get married to me? Can I really trust him/her to spend the rest of my life with him/her? Can he/she wake me up when I’m going down in the spirit? Will he/she help me fight for me when I face the challenges of life? Will he/she be able to stand for me when no one does? These and many more questions are what you need to ask yourself, if you don’t get the right answers in your mind, don’t ever move on with him/her

✓ It’s not a time to give him/her your body simply because he had promised you marriage, because you’ve visited each other families, or for an unGodly reasons but it’s a time both of you needs to sit down,plan for the future, study each other well, correct when offended, forgive and forget (but if what your partner did to you is repeating itself, watch well o before you move on with the relationship), pray to God, attend marriage seminars, go for marriage counseling, have a right and Godly mentor. This time beware of what you tells your friend about your partner.

✓ It’s time of Prayer. Nearing and Drawing to God in His Word. Putting God first no matter what in all your doings. Don’t rely on your powers, gifts, knowledge, experience here but only in God.

Marriage is not by force. Marriage is not the fulfilment of Life but what you become, how you lived your life is what that matters most. Marriage is not for those who haven’t prepare well, it’s not for Kids (Note: you may be 30 years upward and still be acting like a kid, I wonder where your brain was when you’re in teenager).

Let me drop my pen here for now. Tomorrow if Christ have not come and if time permits, I will be writing on the last but not least one, which is “Life After the Wedding(Marriage)”.

See you later

I pray for you that God will direct you, open your eyes spiritually, speak to you in Jesus name, Amen

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