How To Turn Windows 10 Into Windows 11 With This Theme Albums

How To Turn Windows 10 Into Windows 11 With This Theme

How To Turn Windows 10 Into Windows 11 With This Theme

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Windows 11 UX Pack 1.0 is the name of the complete software package that allows you to transform Windows 10 into Windows 11 in its complete aspect. Once installed and tested you will have a lot of new Windows 11 graphics on your version of Windows 10 without too much difficulty.

Windows 11 was recently officially introduced by Microsoft with important changes to the operating system especially on the graphics that are now lighter and leaner as well as fast and colorful. Well if you like it but don’t want to install Windows 11, here’s a nice theme that will let you have its GUI on Windows 10.

As the title of this package suggests, installing it will convert the Windows 10 graphical environment to Windows 11. In fact, with this software, you can fully bring the Windows 11 (UX) user experience to Windows 10 with a full installation under every point of view.

This package includes all the Windows 11 graphics that can completely change the Windows 10 graphics on Microsoft’s old OS making it, at least graphically, the same as the latest version which is still in beta.

Features Windows 11 UX Pack

Windows 11 UX Pack includes a number of appearance changes such as the Windows 11 dark or light skin, a collection of background images, sound effects, icons, taskbars, and so on. This software package is actually the best way to change the look of Windows 10 in Windows 11.

Windows 11 UX Pack is a complete theme for Windows 10 that will transform all graphics in Windows 11 with wallpapers, sound effects, and more.

  • Instantly dress up Windows 10 with the Windows 11 user experience in one minute
  • Easy and guided installation and uninstallation which gives the user confidence to return to the initial situation easily
  • Easily configurable with a single click thanks to the intelligent design of the Metro user interface
  • Windows 11 themes, wallpapers, and sound effects with light and dark theme
  • Taskbar items centered with TaskbarX

Where to download Windows 11 UX Pack

Windows 11 UX Pack needs to have the latest version of Windows 10 installed to work, and you can download the latest fully updated and functional version by clicking on the following link (if the link does not open, disable AdBlock for a moment.

NOTE: You will be taken to a page where you will need to click the free download button if you don’t have an account with them

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