How Voice Search Will Change Digital Marketing Albums

How Voice Search Will Change Digital Marketing

How Voice Search Will Change Digital Marketing

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Voice search has taken the world by storm. 3 decades ago it seemed like a dream but fast forward 3 decades and that dream has become a reality. Major companies such as Apple and Google have started revolving their products around voice search. This has made them a prospect for potential buyers to pursue. Voice search has had a huge impact on the digital marketing front as customers are spoiled for choices with the various big guns such as amazon and google are offering.

Although this is only the start of the rise in digital marketing with time advancements are being made to make life easier for customers. According to research conducted by PWC, 65% of 25-49-year-olds use voice search once a day. So after the advancement of the feature the numbers are only expected to rise. Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri, and Google’s voice assistant have made a significant impact in the world of digital marketing and as of now dependency on voice search is increasing among customers day by day.

If the option is up to you, you have a question. Would you prefer writing or speaking? Well, my guess is the latter. Statistically, it is shown that people prefer to speak to their phones rather than typing. 31% of users of mobile phones use voice search once a week. Companies are building over this and more have decided to acquire the feature. Even students have started to acquire higher studies in the field. Due to the increase in competition, the number of students attempting Ph.D. has increased over the years. Students prefer digital marketing dissertation help to aid them with their troubles to get a degree. This leaves students to pursue their Academic Life with their professional life.

What does it mean by Voice Search?

Voice search refers to a smartphone or your pc that has the feature of a digital personal assistant or an entry point that uses voice such as Amazon Echo and Google Assistant. In most cases, people who use the voice feature usually use the voice search to make life easier for themselves and you.

Who uses Voice Search?

The Majority use of voice search is from the millennials as according to a study 71 percent of young adults from the age of 18-29 use the feature of voice search although this was expected. The shocking part for me was that the boomers 54 and above have also started to use voice search in their daily life. 38% of boomers have used this feature. However, it can be understood as the reason behind this use can be small screens. These screens can be harmful to people who look at them from very close. So the voice search feature is beneficial for them. It is found that 66 million Americans now acquire their smartphone according to a study conducted by TechCrunch.

Moreover, 75% of smart speaker owners search for local businesses at least once a week and the finding of these searches was:

  • 54% of Americans inquire online about food and drink through voice search.
  • 46% search for products from local businesses and inquire about the prices of these products.
  • 40% of Americans search regarding the availability of products at certain businesses.
  • 35% percent of the users choose to book a beauty appointment.
  • Smart speaker shipments have grown approximately 200 % in 2018. Amazon sold the most devices with Google being a close contender according to Strategy Analytics.
  • The AI of Google has learned to be conversational and has consumed 2865 romantic novels. This has enabled the value

obtained from voice’s user-friendly interactions as the voices of customers have been recognized.

  • Out of the 3.5 billion searches done on google daily. The third of the searches are conducted through voice search.

How does Voice Search Optimize?

Google voice search prioritizes featured snippets. When you ask a voice assistant any question they will read the snippet that is featured snippet in your search query. Featured snippets are the search results that feature at the top of the search conducted by Google on Search Engine Result Pages. It is important to care about Seo as it can begin optimizing the content you attain a featured snippet on google’s search engine results page. Businesses need to start accounting for a voice strategy to optimize their content for voice search.

Tips to organize your content for SERPs using Voice Search SEO:

  • Create content to answer specific questions
  • Organize your content in a question and answer format
  • Make sure to create high-quality content

Looking to the future, featured snippets will be more valued and there will only be more competition to win a spot at the top of search engines.

How Voice Search is Growing?

A third of the queries on Cortona are based on voice search. These numbers are surprising for a few. Just in 3 months of windows 10 being launched 33% of all of its searches happen on voice search. Voice search creates a comfort level for people as they prefer voice search. Nowadays, even applications like Ms. Word and Ms. Excel provide the feature of voice search. This makes it easier for people to conduct presentations and figure out the minutes for the meetings. These 5 reasons have become a deciding factor in the growth of voice search

  • Query Length
  • Question Words
  • Stronger Intent
  • Comfort and quickness.
  • Faster and less time consuming

Voice Search can have a strong influence on the landscape of digital marketing as companies have started to adopt voice search. Especially for inquiries of products, voice searches are increasing with time. Even among students, digital marketing is a hot topic for dissertations. Students all over the world have opted for marketing dissertation help for their dissertations as they don’t want to take any chances with their dissertations. This shows the fierceness of the competition in this field. All these factors prove that the future of digital is only on the rise.

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