Is Agege Bread Healthy? Calories, & Nutrition: Eat/Abstain TRENDING

Is Agege Bread Healthy? Calories, & Nutrition: Eat/Abstain

Is Agege Bread Healthy? Calories, & Nutrition: Eat/AbstainIs Agege Bread Healthy Calories, and Nutrition

Is Agege Bread Good for You? Nutrition & Calories: To eat or not to eat?

Agege bread is one of Nigeria’s most popular breakfast foods, and not just in Lagos alone.

It’s a West African local Nigerian bread that pairs nicely with butter, beans, Bama, and beverages. It is the cheapest bread in Lagos and other Nigerian states in the southwest.

What’s that thing that makes Lagosians eat Agege bread?

  • Let’s be clear: nothing in the world can compare to the warm, stretchy, and luscious Agege white bread.
  • It’s simply not possible.
  • In my opinion, if flies have not perched on the bread, it is not genuine Agege bread.
  • It’s not Agege bread unless it was baked around 4 a.m.
  • It’s still not Agege bread if it doesn’t soak up stew/beans!

But the question is …

Is Agege Bread Healthy? is it Good for You?

Let me quickly go into the history of Agege bread in Nigeria before I answer questions about how nutritious or harmful Agege bread is.

History of Agege bread in Nigeria.

Agege bread has a long history in Nigeria. The first breadmakers in Lagos were Brazilian immigrants who came to the state to establish a new life and carried their bread-baking skills with them.

However, a prominent bread maker was Amos Shackleford, a Jamaican immigrant who founded a bakery in Lagos.

He set it up at Ebute metta, the island’s first halt. The bread was so popular among Nigerians that the trade expanded, with Agege being a significant bread trade hub at the time.

Locals who didn’t know the exact origin of the bread assumed it came from Agege. It was then dubbed “Agege bread” after that.

Besides, with the introduction of sliced bread, the name Agege bread was used to further distinguish the two.

Now to answer the question – Is Agege Bread Healthy? Let’s start with the calories

  • Is Agege Bread Healthy? Calories, & Nutrition

Serving Size:

  • 100 g
  • 233 Cal
  • 83% 45g Carbs
  • 4% 1g Fat
  • 13% 7g Protein

Moreover, the agege bread recipe is categorized as an Energy-Dense Food with more than 233 calories per 100g and a High Carbohydrate Food with more than 2 serving sizes of carbs per 100g.

If you want to lose weight, agege bread is one of the Nigerian foods to avoid.

In Nigeria, sticking to a weight-loss diet plan can be difficult. Even though most Nigerian meals are weighty, yet still hard to resist.

You can consume as much protein and fat as you like as long as you stay away from carbs, according to a typical efficient weight loss diet plan.

However, many Nigerian dishes are heavy in carbohydrates. Low-carb diets suppress your hunger, which is why they are so helpful for weight loss.

Is Agege Bread Healthy? Calories, & Nutrition + to Eat or not to eat?

What if we told you that Agege bread is bad for you and that you should stop eating it right now? Many people will complain and kick against it, so we’ll tell you why it’s bad for you, not just advise you to stop.

3 reasons you should stop eating Agege bread right now.
  1. It’s mostly prepared in unhygienic environments ~ Is Agege Bread Healthy?

What perplexes me the most about this brand of bread is that the majority of bakeries that produce Agege bread operate in filthy and unsafe conditions.

Despite the fact that some of them prepare it in the open, where a lot of germs and bacteria might get to it, yet this bread is very popular with Lagosians.

The production process can be so unsanitary that most bakeries close and flee when NAFDAC sounds.

Even the government has tried to warn Lagos people about the dangers of eating this bread on occasion. But no one seems to mind.

Where to buy –  Agege bread is now available online and in some African shops in the United States, which surprised me. Nigerians in Texas, for example, buy this bread.

  1. It has bromate in it ~ Is Agege Bread Healthy?

The bakers use ingredients that have no place in your body to make this bread soft and extend its shelf life.

This bread is rich in emulgators, potassium bromate, stabilizers, and conservatives, among other things.

Bromate has such a negative impact on human health that it has been outlawed in Nigeria.

It causes cough, diarrhea, liver and heart disease, clogs your pores, and relieves asthma, according to studies.

In humans, it has also been related to some types of cancer.

  1. It is almost devoid of nutritional value ~ Is Agege Bread Healthy?

The problem with Agege / Kumba bread is that it is prepared with Refined Wheat Flour, which has lost practically all of its nutritional value.

Because the bran (fiber-rich outer layer) and vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrient-rich inner layer of this corn have been removed, you are consuming empty calories.

That’s why, even after eating half of a loaf with a bowl of Ovaltine and milk, you’re still hungry.

Furthermore, high carbs create a rapid rise and fall in blood glucose levels, which might be called an internal Jo-Jo effect, making weight loss extremely difficult.

Another problem with Agege bread is that the bromate used in its production destroys the vitamins normally found in the bread.

Hence, you’ve lost all of the beneficial vitamins and minerals that the bread was supposed to provide.

In the end, you’re basically eating a lot of unhealthy fat and chemicals.

Bottom line – Is Agege Bread Healthy? Calories, & Nutrition + To Eat or Not to Eat Agege Bread?

That, my friend, is the real question! The answer is to stay away from this bread as much as possible, especially if you have abdominal/visceral fat, are overweight or obese, or have type 2 diabetes.

Kidney failure has been linked to potassium bromate, a common ingredient in agege bread.

Furthermore, Agege bread is one of the Nigerian foods that would help you gain the most weight quickly.

This Nigerian diet should be avoided if you want to reduce weight.

No need to thank me, you guys. I’m just…

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