Latest New Android 12 Features A to Z TRENDING

Latest New Android 12 Features A to Z

Latest New Android 12 Features A to Z

Google introduced the latest new Android 12 version in its annual developer conference Google I/O. Android 12 version gets a lot of core updates in overall Android OS UI and makes it more flexible for customization. Apart from it, Android gets lots of other improvements regarding performance, privacy and more other features.

Let’s take a look at the latest new Android 12 Features.

Latest Android 12 Features :

1. Personalization :

Google made lots of changes in its android 12 user interface. Now you get more flexible in customization of android UI colors with color extraction. With this update android OS will extract the colors from the wallpaper set you set on Android phone.

Android 12 OS will extract and make wallpaper colors dominant on the overall OS user interface.

The extracted colors apply on the entire Android OS which includes notification shade, the volume controls, widgets, the lock screen and much more.

2. Fluid motion and animations :

With this update you feel every tap you made on your Android phone. Every tap gives you smooth animations. For example, the clock on the home screen will become big and grab entire areas if you remove the notifications from the home screen. Look at the given images.

Apart from it now your Android device is faster with quick response and better Power efficiency.

3. Redesigned system spaces :

Android’s Quick settings menu totally redesigned with improvements in its complete user interface. Now menu items look less cluttered and simplified.

Now you can access Google assistant to make a call or ask questions or open apps by just long pressing on the Power button.

4. Private and secure by design :

Now you have more control over your data that access third party android apps. In the Android 12 version you get transparency over the data access by the third party android apps.

Like iOS 14, you get a privacy indicator on the top right of your status bar so you know when your apps are accessing your smartphone microphone or camera.

In the Settings menu you get the new privacy dashboard with all the information about your data access by third party apps in a single view.

Location data access :

Now you have control over your location data, you can give access to accurate or approximate location data to third party apps for their services.

For example if you’re using Google maps, an accurate location is suitable for navigation but if you’re using a weather app then it doesn’t require accurate information of your location. Weather app requires only information of your area so you can give an approximate location.

That’s how you can protect your local data more from unwanted use.

Other features : Other features are scrolling screenshots, conversation widgets, improvements in accessibility features for visually impaired people.

All these features mentioned here you’ll get on your Android phone with the latest new Android 12 OS version.

I hope you enjoyed reading android 12 features. Share this informative article with your friends and family who are using an Android phone.

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