Mc Lively Net Worth, Biography, Cars, And House NETWORTH

Mc Lively Net Worth, Biography, Cars, And House

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Brief History Of The Name Mc Lively

Real nameMichael Sani Amanesi
Date of birth14 August 1992
Country of OriginFederal Republic of Nigeria
Source of WealthBusinesses, Promotions, and Endorsement.
Net worth$125,000

Some people are just naturally endowed with the talent of making people laugh. Right from a young age of 7, MC Lively has been known for being funny. He has the unusual talent of just cracking up a place with laughter, hence he was tagged a ‘lively’ person to be with. This brought about the name MC Lively.

Now, let’s go on to his personal profile

MC Lively was christened Michael Sani Amanesi, MC Lively is his stage name. Born 14th August, 1992, MC Lively is a native of Agenebode, Edo State, Nigeria. He had most of his early years in Ile-Ife Osun state, where he was born and grew up too. MC Lively grew up in a family of seven, with five children. Amongst his siblings, he was the only one who attended a public school.

Just like every African mother, Mc Lively was disciplined by his mother. Although he admitted he was a stubborn child, he felt his discipline from his mum was too much than usual to the extent that he doubted if it was his mother who gave birth to him. On a fateful day, MC Lively’s mother beat him so much and gave him a cut to which she rubbed raw pepper on it (typical of African mothers…lol). What was his offense that day? He and his brother had left their baby brother unattended to who his mother left in their care.

 Mc Lively Education

For his primary school education, Mc Lively attended Ideal Nursery and Primary School and Moremi High School for his secondary school.Determined to continue his education, MC Lively kept on writing JAMB even though JAMB kept ‘jamming’ him. He wrote JAMB thrice, it was on the third trial he finally gained admission to study Law at Obafemi Awolowo University, Ife, Osun state. His initial choice was to study mass communication, however, he had to take the offer to study since this was his third trial and Law also gave him the opportunity to stand before people and speak.

Career Journey And Failures

The opportunity to study and practice law is obviously one most Nigerians would not hesitate to take, however, that is not the case for MC Lively. Though he graduated with a degree in Law, went to law school for a year, and was called to bar in 2016, MC Lively still decided to let Law go to pursue his passion and talent in comedy. According to him, putting aside law to pursue a career in comedy wasn’t a tough decision for him to make, he had always had a knack for making people laugh. When he was young, one of his favourite shows and videos is Nights of a thousand laughs.

The journey to becoming an outstanding comedy wasn’t a bed of roses for MC Lively, he too has had a fair share of failure and heartbreak. Would you believe MC Lively once gave a comedy that nobody in the crowd found funny? Or even gave a laugh to? Well, that must have been embarrassing for him. According to him, there were four times he gave a joke in the university as a stand-up comedian which nobody laughed too. On one such occasion, even his girlfriend didn’t laugh at his joke. MC Lively couldn’t sleep a wink all night; it was so embarrassing for him. One thing that came out of that failure though, MC Lively found out he was better at being an acting comedian.

MC Lively rose to prominence with a comedy skit he produced titled ‘Agidi’, which targeted real life issues in Nigeria concerning fuel scarcity. Generally, his comedy skits are focused on addressing real life issues affecting Nigerians. The inspiration for this skit came from the sermon of his Reverend Father when he was in church. Right there in the church, MC Lively wrote the script which brought him to the limelight. Now, MC Lively boasts of 1.7M followers on Instagram, 216k+ likes on Facebook, and 43K+ likes on Twitter.

His brilliant talent has made a way for him to perform on live shows with other big names in the Entertainment industry; the likes of Basketmouth, Ali Baba, Brother Shaggi, Mr. Macaroni, Gbenga Adeyinka, Julius Agwu, Teju Babyface, Lasisi Elenu, AY, Bovi and many others.

Awards And Recognitions

MC Lively’s comedy video has won him several awards in the entertainment industry. He won the Comedy Act of the year award at the City people music award. He was also the recipient of The Royal African Youth Leadership Award conferred by the Ooni of Ile-Ife.

Relationship Status

MC Lively is not yet married; however, he is engaged as at 2020

MC Lively Net Worth

MC Lively has an estimated net worth of $125,000.

Mc Lively Car

Last year December, MC Lively gave his parents a Toyota Sienna Car as a Christmas gift. He said this was to appreciate them for their love, care, and support for him and his siblings when they were younger.

MC Lively has been spotted in different events with this white Mercedes Benz C300, Mercedes Benz C300 is one of Mercedes Benz’s most popular sedans that has massively gained a lot of popularity in many countries, and Nigeria is not left behind. Just like other classes, the C class is never lagging in technology innovations and luxury. This c300, for instance, is a very good example of simplicity, luxury, class, and innovation. 

Mc Lively House

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