NAIJAMUSICS!!! 2Baba Vs Brymo: The Line Between Right And Wrong (A MUST READ) ENTERTAINMENT TALKZONE

NAIJAMUSICS!!! 2Baba Vs Brymo: The Line Between Right And Wrong (A MUST READ)

2Baba Vs Brymo: The Line Between Right And Wrong (A MUST READ)

I love 2baba, we all do. But is the man a saint?

Actually, is anybody a saint, is anybody without faults, without flaws, without imperfections?

The past couple of weeks could not have been good for Innocent “2Face” Idibia, once a glorified Nigerian international superstar, but now just another has-been caught up in the midst of a not-so-good situation that he probably won’t get out of for a while.

Weeks ago, Nigerian ‘fusionrock’ artist, Olawale “Brymo” Olofooro, just after his groundbreaking Organized Chaos show in Lagos, took to his Twitter to drop some bombshell allegations on 2Baba.

Apparently, in the past, 2Baba and Brymo used to be acquaintances, but they fell out due to some gross misunderstandings.

Brymo alleged that 2Baba had done him some wrongs, including facilitating a physical assault on him, and accusing him—falsely, he maintained—of having sexual relations with his wife, Annie Idibia.

Brymo claimed he had been deeply scarred by those events, and that in the past years he’s had an emotional turmoil over it. Now he’s just saying his piece, to make his peace with it all.

Not long after that, as you could expect, a law firm representing 2Baba hit Brymo with a letter threatening to sue him for a sum of N1 billion, if he doesn’t recant what he said publicly. Brymo didn’t recant. He got louder, in fact.

Many days after the ultimatum the law firm gave, nothing has happened to Brymo, and 2Baba has had an ‘episode’ ranting rather obscurely on social media. With the looks of things, he’s not going to fight Brymo. Not this time, anyway.

But why?

Why is 2Baba not using all of his resources to fight Brymo if he’s innocent here (I swear, no pun intended)? Why is nobody asking why?

I’m on Twitter a couple hours a week at most. In the past few weeks, I’ve had the inclination to just see how things are going with the situation, which I have—until now— refrained from talking to anyone about. The way I see it, we don’t really know anything. I don’t think we’re ever going to. So all of our opinions might just be, you know, wrong!

But I see ‘stans’, fans I never knew both artists had going at each other on Twitter, using tired Logic to craft one-sided arguments about a matter no one truly understands. Some say Brymo needs it for clout. Some say 2Baba is not exactly a good person and the day of reckoning has come.

What do I say? I say, shut the fuck up for once! When celebrities go at each other, the line between right and wrong seems to always thins more and more in the eyes of their supporters. Until what’s left is a vacuum filled with unfiltered noise and in the end, no justice.

But here, there’s clearly a victim. Maybe it is Brymo, or it is 2Baba, or it is both of them. How are we ever gonna know when the streets have already taken sides and all that’s left is chaos?

What I do know for sure is, there is a remote yet distinct possibility that all of Brymo’s allegations, or some of it, are untrue.

Another thing I know is, while he might be innocent of the allegations, 2Baba is not a saint. I’m not a saint. And, you’re not a saint any more than I am. None of us are.

What do you think?

What Are Your Thoughts?

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