Okay, Kizz Daniel Is The Best Songwriter In Nigeria – Now What? ENTERTAINMENT TALKZONE

Okay, Kizz Daniel Is The Best Songwriter In Nigeria – Now What?

Okay, Kizz Daniel Is The Best Songwriter In Nigeria – Now What?

The other day I made an article about seven of the best songwriters in Nigeria, and Kizz Daniel wasn’t on it.

Obviously, with the myriad of talented artists in the Nigerian music industry, there’s no way a list of 7 can cover everyone. But it didn’t seem to go down well with so many people that Kizz Daniel wasn’t on the list.

Going through the comments not too long ago and I saw one from a certain user named “Olamide” that was very harsh and honestly, a little offensive.

Naijaloaded, what’s Kizz Daniel’s offence? If he release songs, you won’t post in with immediate alacrity. Now best song writer, he’s not on the list again. What’s your problem with Wizkid that only buys music? No bad songz 2018 was a hit and album to always remember. From track 1-20 were all written and composed by Kizz Daniel, yet he’s not on your list. Foolish site…!

First of all, I’d like to say Naija Loaded is a brand that doesn’t hate anybody. Especially not hardworking artists that are working their ass off to create beautiful content.

I, on the other hand, am obviously a person and of course, just like everyone else, there are some artists I don’t like. But as a music critic, I have never used this platform to profess my dislike for anyone. I only call it how I see it. Besides, I don’t hate Kizz Daniel. Nobody hates Kizz Daniel. Anyone that hates Kizz Daniel should be checked.

Kizz Daniel wasn’t on my list of the best songwriters currently, and so what? Does that mean I don’t think he’s a good one? Obviously not. I know Kizz is a badass. His work since 2015 has been stellar, and he deserves props for it, yes. Also, Wizkid is Africa’s biggest artist and it is only right that everyone loves him. Anyone that is hating on Wizkid at this time should also be checked.

Anyway, for everyone that is angry that I didn’t put Kizz on my list, I hope this one is good enough for you. KIZZ DANIEL IS THE BEST SONGWRITER IN NIGERIA!

Thank you, God bless you.

Do You Think Anyone Else Is Better Than Kizz Daniel?

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