Perfect husband update Sunday 28 November 2021 Zeeworld Series

Perfect husband update Sunday 28 November 2021

Perfect husband update Sunday 28 November 2021

Perfect husband 28 November 2021: The Episode starts with Rajshri showing both the letters to Pushkar and saying about the handwriting change. Pushkar says I don’t see any difference. She says there is clearly a difference. He gets tensed and thinks of his plan. Rajshri confronts him. She says I have seen both the letters, I m sure that she didn’t write the letter, I think these letters will take me to Vidhi, police can do this work. Pushkar stops her and says our family respect will be ruined, you won’t go anywhere. She asks why are you stopping me. She says tell me the truth, did you do anything wrong with Vidhi. He asks what are you saying.

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She says I know you are mentally disturbed. He gets shocked. She cries. She says you need treatment, say the truth, where is Vidhi, what did you do with her. He stares at her in anger. She gets scared and gets away. He starts behaving mad. She asks him to stop. He gets a knife. He says you mean I have kidnapped Vidhi. She asks him to get away. He says you mean to say that I did wrong with her, I have killed her, fine I will kill all your doubts. He says your trust is most imp for me, if I lose it, my life or death doesn’t matter. Everyone comes and asks Rajshri what did she tell Pushkar.

He cuts his wrist. Rangeela calls doctor. Randhir holds Pushkar. Pushkar says I won’t go anywhere till I clear mom’s doubts, tell me what to do. Maasa says I told you, they will solve their issues. Charu asks don’t you trust me. Rajshri says forgive me Pushkar, forget this, lets go to hospital. Rangeela says ambulance has come. They rush Pushkar to hospital. He gets treated. Vidhi struggles to get free.Rajshri calls Ashwin and asks did Vidhi come there. Ashwin says no, she isn’t here. Rajshri gets shocked and says fine, I think she is at home, I will check and make her call you.

Vidhi struggles in the dark room. Rangeela and Bela are with Pushkar. Rajshri takes Pushkar home. Vidhi tries to free the ropes. Damini calls her up. Vidhi’s phone is unreachable. Damini calls Rajshri and says Vidhi is not reachable, I told you about Pushkar’s mental condition, I m scared for her. Damini hopes that Vidhi is fine. Rajshri says I will call you later and ends call. Pushkar gets angry. Rangeela says I went to Damini’s house and got all the info. He tells everything about Damini. Pushkar gets angry. Rajshri comes to ask him if he is fine. He says I m fine, I have some weakness. She asks him to take rest, he will get fine. He asks her to feed him food.

She feeds him food. He says whatever happened today, can’t we forget this and move ahead, you trust me right. She says yes, I trust you, its better to forget it. He asks are you hiding something. She worries.Rajshri taking care of Pushkar. He asks her to go and rest. She goes. He gets angry and thinks of Vidhi. He comes to Vidhi and says you and Damini ruined my house peace and made mum against me. She apologizes to him. He gets a rod and scares her. He says Damini will be punished first. She asks him to just stop. He reaches Damini’s house.

Vidhi tries to cut the ropes. She struggles a lot. Pushkar says I have to come to meet Damini. Guard says she isn’t at home. Pushkar says fine, I will talk to her on phone. Guard goes. Pushkar sees Damini’s car. He sees guard busy on call and gets inside the house silently. Vidhi cuts the rope and gets free. Pushkar sees Damini’s car and burns it by pouring kerosene. He sees the car burning and goes smiling. Guard sees this and gets shocked. He shouts fire and informs Damini. Pushkar writes a threatening message on the wall and goes.

Rangeela and Bela are happy. Maasa asks them to get sweets. She sends Bela and argues with Rangeela. She asks Rangeela to stop jumping and listen to her. She says Pushkar is the key of our golden career, we will always support him. Vidhi shouts for help. She knocks the door. The door opens. She looks out. Damii complains about Pushkar to the police. Ashwin asks what, Vidhi has run away. Nivedita says you didn’t tell me anything. She gets dizzy. Rajshri says don’t worry, I will find Vidhi at any cost. Ashwin says if you permit, I would like to come with you. Vidhi comes out of the secret chamber. She sees her house.

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