SEE What A Wife Saw In Her Husband’s Room Few Minutes After He Died NEWS

SEE What A Wife Saw In Her Husband’s Room Few Minutes After He Died

UNBELIEVABLE! SEE What A Wife Saw In Her Husband’s Room Few Minutes After He Died

According to The PUNCH, there have been rising tension in Edo state as two men who are named Ebafor aged 25 years and his friend Alex, aged 36 years, died mysteriously in an hospital in Igarra, Edo state.

According to The PUNCH, an eyewitness who was at the scene and also knew about the matter disclosed that their deaths looked like the two men did money rituals and it backfired or went wrong.

It was gathered from the source that one of the men named Ebafor, was with his aunty on the night before he died and was drinking around 9pm when he just started shouting money and and also saying that Alex (who also died) is a bad friends. He said, ” Ah! see money, plenty, money! Alex you are a bad friend, a bad friend. ”

They started trying to calm him down when he reportedly started behaving hysterically but he when he began to vomit blood, he was quickly taken to the hospital.


The eyewitness also disclosed that they brought him to the hospital about one hour after the incident happened, then the doctor started conducting some preliminary checks on him. While the doctor was doing his work, he started shouting his friend name again, Alex, in the hospital, which them to wonder if Alex that he was mentioning poisoned him.


But while Ebafor was battling with his own problem, Alex was reportedly said to be in the middle of his own incantations as he contacted his wife who is a fruit seller around Afekhai Junction, Igarra, not to come back home after he had made the day sales. But she couldn’ t understand what his husband meant by that statement, so she went home only to find her husband stretching and saying words that are not understandable.


It was gathered from The PUNCH’ s report that she then called some neighbours who assisted her in rushing her husband, coincidentally, to the hospital where Ebafor was still making a scene. While they were both at the hospital, the two friend started doing the same way and after some minutes, they both gave up the ghost.

His wife reported that when she went home to pick a cloth to cover him, she saw fire and a coffin lying in their room. Also, when Ebafor’ s room was combed, they saw several charms lying on the floor of his room.


The police have however carried the two corpses away but the people of Igarra community are also asking that the charms that were found in their houses be also removed.

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