WordPress Security Issues to Address for Your Business Website Albums

WordPress Security Issues to Address for Your Business Website

WordPress Security Issues to Address for Your Business Website

Platforms like WordPress made it possible for users to manage their websites without a technology background. You can build a website within a few minutes to start your online business. However, the security of these platforms is unbreachable.

You cannot blame WordPress for the security issues as the internet can never be a safe place without proper precautions. Even the safest of the security protocols have seen an attack from the best of the hackers. Therefore, users are responsible to fix the common security issues before someone takes advantage of them.

Consequences of Security Lapse for Your Business

A cyber attack on your business can have multiple consequences that may lead to irreparable damages. It starts with the SEO ranking since Google will assess the health of your website. They may blacklist your website for potentially harmful content, security lapses, and malware.

Thus, your website will lose huge traffic because they will receive a warning sign before accessing it. Even the existing customers will find it hard to trust your website with their personal and sensitive information. The damage to brand reputation is inevitable because of the unsafe environment for the users.

Your business will continuously face the risk of an attack to steal priceless customer, employee, and organizational data. Businesses invest heavily in cybersecurity after assessing these risks. Your small business can also hire cybersecurity experts with the help of a no guarantor loan from a direct lender.

How to Fix the Common Security Issues with WordPress?

The idea of hiring cybersecurity experts to take care of website protection may seem like a safer alternative. Nevertheless, not every WordPress user can afford their services for their new business with limited income. Here are some ways to work on the common security issues with WordPress for an average user.

  1. Brute Force Attack

Hackers can use the brute force method to gain access to your admin panel by using billions of possible combinations. The trial-and-error method is among the most common attack to use the simplest access point to your website, the login page. However, the service provider only allows a certain number of attempts to prevent a brute force attack.

They will suspend your account to prevent the hackers from trying multiple attempts to gain access. It may disrupt your operations since you need to complete the revival process. Moreover, it will overload the server to process the requests from genuine users.

Brute force protection tool is available on WordPress to secure the website. It will prevent the attack from local and network-level and ban the user from the attempt. Another simple yet extremely effective solution is the use of two-factor authentication.

  1. SQL Injection

Your organization may use SQL to manage the database for various processes through their website. The hackers can use SQL to inject malicious code into your database. Thus, gaining access to the entire data with admin privilege without much trouble.

Multiple methods are available to prevent SQL injection from the user input. However, the majority of them will require a DBMS specialist to implement and maintain the standards. A regular site owner can limit the admin privilege or activate a web application firewall to prevent an SQL injection attack.

  1. File Inclusion Exploits

A weak PHP code can give access to the website files to hackers. The most important of these files is the wp-config.php file that can cause serious damage to the entire website. They exploit the vulnerability of the code while loading the remote file and achieve their motive.

Multiple tools offer protection against the file inclusion vulnerability by keeping an eye on the user’s request. They will deny the access request if the filename is outside the whitelist. Moreover, you should regularly test your website for inclusion vulnerability to make changes before some hackers exploit them.

  1. Malware

Malicious software or malware is a code to gain unauthorized access to your website data. The experts often track down the reason for a hacked website to the injection of malware. Thus, you should check the recent changes in files to find the possible malware.

You can easily get rid of these malware files by the method of identification and removal. Always create a backup of files to avoid losing data in case you decide to reinstall WordPress. Though, a fresh copy of WordPress is also a good option to get rid of unwanted files and malware.

  1. Cross-Site Scripting

Cross-site scripting or XSS is the most common security lapse to find in WordPress sites. Some data even suggest it takes almost 84% of the vulnerability on the internet to cause possible damage. The attacker will somehow lure the victims to load web pages with insecure JavaScript.

The next step will involve stealing the user information by sneaking into the browser without your permission. As you might have guessed, the ideal solution is to not visit malicious or insecure websites. You should install an internet security tool to take good care of your activities, scan the websites for malicious code, and protect your data.

  1. Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is not part of the WordPress package but the users often opt for it to save money. It provides a shared space for your website content to make it accessible for the users. However, sharing is not a good idea if you are keeping the sensitive data of your customers or organization.

You will find some extremely secure servers taking good care of their security measures even with the shared hosting. The others may not provide the same level of security. The data of your website is at risk even if only one website is hacked.


To sum up, you should work on the security of your website with regular updates to avoid serious threats. The website performance will take a hit in the absence of proper security layers. Therefore, it is an investment to protect your website and win the trust of customers while running an online business.

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