Young Nigerian teen narrates how he was ghastly brutalized with cutlasses by unknown gang at school after his survival NEWS

Young Nigerian teen narrates how he was ghastly brutalized with cutlasses by unknown gang at school after his survival

Young Nigerian teen narrates how he was ghastly brutalized with cutlasses by unknown gang at school after his survival

A Nigerian young teen identified as Shine BM on Twitter has taken to his Twitter handle to narrate how he escaped death.

The young man claimed to have been brutalized with a machete by an unknown gang who he claimed to have mistaken him with another person.

According to his claim, the incident happened when he escorted his roommate to acquire some food stuffs in a nearby mini market.

In his words, he said:

“My name is Moses Bright Nnamdi Ohaji, popularly known as Shine BM. I hail from the Eastern part of Nigerian, Imo state precisely. I was born and raised in Rivers State all my life.”

“Fast forward to when I got admission into cross river state university with 5 of my male friends I’ve known for a very long time in PH. Before we left for calabar we planned we were going to rent an apartment somewhere close to school and stay there together till we all graduate.”

“All plans went accordingly as planned. Fast forward to 2020 being our final year.
This incident took place 1week and few days after I released my bebut single “Tomorrow” ( I’m an upcoming artiste)”

“On the 13th of March 2020 being on Friday about 9pm.
I was in my house, lying down on my bed pressing my cellphone and listening to music. when one of my roommate called “precious walked inside the house and came straight to the room I was lying and pleaded I should accompany”

“him go outside to get noodles.
I told him how stressed I was that I really don’t think I can go with him. He persuaded so I followed him. When we got to the shop, Mama Anita (being the seller) was already”

“attending to few customers so I sat down on one of her chairs in her verandah, while my friend was standing just in front of me.”

“Then I continued pressing my phone while I wait for my roommate to buy the noodles. This shop am telling you about is Just a stone throw from my house, thats the shop we always get stuff we want.”

“Then I was like:
[ guy, give me my phone]
the guy said nothing. I repeated again:
[ guy, I no no u abeg give me my phone] the next thing he did was grabbing me on my knicker.”

“Immediately he pulled me out from the shop and the next sound I heard was a gun shot on the sky. Could not tell where the sound came from.”

“The whole street was on a run. Then I saw 5 other men coming towards my direction including the one that pulled me out making them 6 in number, all dressed on black holding a machete. At this moment I was thinking if I was mistaken for someone there were looking for or something.”

“I was just confused and scared. I was struggling for him to let me go and my question to them was.”

“[ Watin I do? I Think una mistake me for some body oh]” that was exactly the words I said to them” they actually said nothing. The next move they made was lifting their machete so high and they started cutting me. Several cut on my face, hand, and leg for no single reason.”

“Omo.. I struggled to run away. But I was so weak then I fell into a big gutter. So one of them came to the gutter and told me to come out. I was so tired and soaked with blood all over my body, so I kept quite.”

“I was staring at him from the gutter when he bought out a gun and shot me at my left hips. They thought I was dead so they left the place.”

“While all these was happening I never saw my roommate, precious.
I was in the gutter struggling between life and death. People were scared to come close to help.”

“But I kept reminding myself of the blessings ahead, so I can’t die now.
so many stuff was going through my mind at that moment. But I chose the positive ones.
2mins later my other roommates came to the scene and found me inside the gutter.”

“They brought me out from the gutter and carried me to the main road to get a Taxi. Getting a taxi was another big task. I believe many were thinking it was a cult clash or something, so no one stopped.
This moment my eyes was closing I was finding it so hard to breathe.”

‘So God sent an angel driver who stopped and asked them to quickly bring me inside. It’s such a long story about what happened that night. First hospital rejected me, second and including the third one being a government hospital UNICAL TEACHING HOSPITAL.”

“The doctors said they can’t attend to me because they’re on strike. When they took me to those hospitals I was unconscious already. So one of my roommate called a lady from my church who directed them to one ARUBAH SPECIALIST HOSPITAL in Calabar.”

“That was where I was treated. I’ve got so many things to spill but mostly will be attached to my upcoming songs.”

Nigerians have flooded his Twitter handle and offered their sympathy and appreciation via their sentiments.

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