In some situations we need to compress like some government websites or educational websites allow only small size images(not in resolution) so you require images in low KBs or MBs. In other scenarios we capture or Download the images only for information purposes but if that images are larger in size then it uses more device storage and also uses more internet data by sending the images to others.

You can solve this problem by using Image Compressor App by compressing your images in very less KBs with it. Here in this post I have recommended some Best images compressor android apps for android phones that may help you to compress images without losing quality.

Best Image Compressor Android Apps:

1. Photoczip App :

Photoczip photo compressor app

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Photoczip app is one of the best image compressor apps with best image compression without losing image quality. It’s user interface is very clean, easy to use and ads-free. You can compress JPEG images as well as PNG images.

It has some cool features like you can control the photo compression quality, resize your photos (change the photo resolution), convert photos format from PNG to JPG, add watermark to the image, compress all your photos/images in a zip file, remove or retain EXIF/XMP meta data with image.

You can also compress bulk or multiple photos which is very helpful to you.

Download the App from PlayStore

2. PicTools App :

Developer : PicTools

PicTools photo compressor app

This is a very powerful app because it has lots of features that not any other image compressor app provides. Its user interface is also clean and minimal. It supports Webp, PNG and JPG image formats.

It has the image compressor tool, resize tool(change the image size in print size in cm,mm,A4 size), resize (px) tool(resize in resolution), image converter tools like PNG to JPG, JPG to PNG or Webp formats, rotate tool, square fit tool, crop tool, reduce tool(Compress image in entered KBs), optimize tool, image to PDF, EXIF data support, etc.

Apart from all the above mentioned features you can also compress multi images or bulk images and also use other features too for images in bulk or batch(25 images in free version). This app is really helpful to everyone who works with images.

It also has a Pro version without ads and you can remove watermarks from PDF, 25+ images can be used in batch.

Download the App from PlayStore

3. QReduce lite App :

Developer : Mobso Apps

QReduce lite photo compressor

This is really simple app and helps you to compress images in KBs and MBs without affecting much image quality. It supports png and jpeg formats. It compresses near your images in your entered KBs or MBs size.

For example if I entered 40 KBs then original compress in 40 KBs. Because of its good quality of compression we can use it to compress images on android.

Download the App from PlayStore

4. Image Compressor App

Image Compressor Android app

Developer : csDeveloper

This image compressor app also gives us good image compression. You can easily compress your photos with this app and also you can easily adjust the compression parentage. You can export your compressed image in different image formats such as JPG, PNG, WebP.

Photo compressor app

Addition to all these features it also provides multiple image compression at once or bulk image compression.

Download the App from PlayStore

I hope you go through all these image compressor android apps, it will helpful you to compress images in very good quality. Share this article to help others for image compression.


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