FINALLY, Atiku Speak Up, Says Something Shocking That Show That He Is Disappointed Over Southern Governor’s Demands; FIND OUT NEWS

FINALLY, Atiku Speak Up, Says Something Shocking That Show That He Is Disappointed Over Southern Governor’s Demands; FIND OUT

FINALLY, Atiku Speak Up, Says Something Shocking That Show That He Is Disappointed Over Southern Governor’s Demands; FIND OUT

Former Vice- President Atiku Abubakar believes Nigeria’ s president’ s place of origin has never been an issue or a solution to the country’ s problems.

The origins of the president have never been a problem in Nigeria, and I can give instances. It isn’ t going to be the answer either according to him.

” There is no such thing as a president from the south or a president from the north in Nigeria. There is only one president: one who is from Nigeria, serves Nigeria, and is elected by Nigerians” , he said.

Abubakar claimed while speaking at the PDP’ s 94th National Executive Committee (NEC) meeting in Abuja on Thursday.

At the party’ s upcoming national convention and general elections in 2023, he advocated for a spirit of fairness and justice in zoning choices.

He stated that the Abuja meeting’ s conclusions would determine whether the PDP would return to power in 2023.

” The NEC’ s decision today will determine whether the PDP enters the Villa in 2023 or not.

” The PDP has the right to set its own rules and manage the party in the way it sees fit. The Nigerian people also have the freedom to choose who governs them, ” he added.

He went on to say that he expected a large number of PDP youths and women to attend the party’ s upcoming National Working Committee (NWC) meeting.


” While we’ re on the subject of inclusivity, I’ d like to see a new NWC for our wonderful party that includes a significant percentage of our youth and women” , he said.

Abubakar stated that the PDP had encountered major obstacles since its establishment, but that the party had overcome them and moved forward.

He recounted that after ending their work at the constitutional conference that established Nigeria’ s current constitution, individuals who served at the conference gathered and determined to remedy the wrong that had been done to a particular region of the country.

Because the election won by late Moshood Abiola was nullified, he said, all members of the constitution- writing conference decided that the presidential candidate of the party should be ensured by all members of the constitution drafting conference.

He claimed this was because not only was the election nullified, but Abiola was assassinated as well.


” So, as members, we all agreed, and we left the constitutional convention to organize our parties.

” Two parties emerged at the end of the day. General Olusegun Obasanjo was chosen by the PDP, while Chief Olu Falae was chosen by the Alliance for Democracy.

” All of this demonstrates that Nigerians have a sense of justice, ” he said.

The former vice- president also recalled that all of the PDP governors met at the Villa in 2003 and declared that they would not back Obasanjo for a second term.

He went on to say that the governors asked him to run, but he declined and referred them to a PDP NEC resolution stating that power should remain in the Southwest for eight years.


” As a result, this country has a feeling of justice here is a sense of justice in this country. ” As a result, we should be able to utilize; to imbibe this thing that is built into our party to ensure that today’ s debates are in the best interests of our party; in the best interests of Nigeria, which will finally give us the win that we seek to return to the Villa.

” Having said that, I trust that a sense of fairness, justice, and patriotism will guide us in the right direction, resulting in the victory that we seek, ” Abubakar stated.

Elder Yemi Akinwonmi, the party’ s interim National Chairman, called the gathering a ” historical day” in determining the PDP’ s survival, as Nigerians eagerly awaited the party to lead them out of their current difficulties.

Akinwonmi urged NEC members to recognize their differences, think about them, and then forget about them when they are no longer relevant.


” We should look at our party and Nigeria and put aside all of our disputes because the PDP is beyond all personal, individual, and collective considerations, ” he stated.

Sen. Walid Jubrin, Chairman of the Board of Trustees, asked members to make decisions that are in the best interests of the party and Nigeria.

He voiced the board’ s support for the party’ s governors and organs in pushing the party and the country ahead.

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