Instagram backup codes helpful to you to login to your Instagram account when you can’t login to your Instagram account, especially when you forget password or two factor authentication issues. Follow this article to know how to get Backup codes for Instagram.

Here we have given Step by Step information to get Instagram backup codes.

Steps to Get Backup codes for Instagram :

Backup codes for Instagram

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  • First of all, open your Instagram profile and go to the settings menu.
  • After that, go to Security settings.
  • Then, go to the Two factor authentication settings.get your Instagram backup codes
  • In the Two factor authentication settings you will see the last option “Additional methods” Click on it.
  • Then, in the next screen you get the option “Backup codes” Click on it and your Instagram backup codes will appear on your screen. Take a screenshot or Copy the Backup codes.
Instagram Backup codes

That’s how you can easily get backup codes for your Instagram account. Save your backup codes to a secure place, it can be used for your Instagram account login and recovery.I hope this post helped you to get Instagram backup codes. If you need further assistance regarding instagram backup codes you can comment below.


The image below is a link. Try to click on it and right a review

HTML tutorial

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