These Streets update Monday 29 November 2021 Zeeworld Series

These Streets update Monday 29 November 2021

These Streets 29 November 2021: Asmita plays Nandani’s recording. Inspector says you are a police officer and you got me this recording? You know we can buy these easily. You can get as many as you want outside the court. Why are you after a married man. You are ruining her life. Let her be. No one would trust you. So please don’t waste time. Now go before we have to kick you out. Shan says mind your language. Inspector says you keep your mouth shut. Ravvindra says nandani you’re very nice. Stay happy. Let’s go home.

Shan comes home. Thaku ma says let me do your arti. There si no peace in this house. We have to do haavan in this house. She does Shan’s arti. Thaku ma says go with your wife. She says she sent me to jail. I will never accept her or this fake marriage. Ravindra says you married her. Move on now. If you respect me you will sit with your wife in poja. Shan says but.. San says you have to force me everytime? Ravindra says you married her with your choice. No one pressurized you. Don’t make fun of marriage now. Shan sits with nandani in anger.

ASmita is in her room. sHe is upset. Someoen puts a hand on her mouth and picks her. Asmita screams and says leave me. She shoves the guy and takes off his mask. It is Shan. Asmita says sorry.. He says wow you hit me. Shan pulls asmita. He says can we spend two moments of love? My so called wife nandani has ruined everything. So I thought let’s do something in puchki style. Come see/ Asmita says what is it?

Shan and Asmita come on roof. He has decorated it for a date. asmita says it is so pretty. Shan says we won’t let anyone take our love from us. asmita says let’s dance. He says no you dance so well. Asmita says let me teach you. Asmita and Shan dance. They come close. Shan makes her eat a sweet. He says this is our first official date. Asmita says I will always remember it. Sahn says you will spend tomorrow evening with me. Promise me you will be there? Asmita says I will be. Nanadani hears all this. Asmita hugs shan. NAndani calls someone and says is it done?

Asmita gets a call. A man says come to me tonight. What would you charge? Asmita says what are you saying. ASmita says I am a police officer. He says you are from sona gachi. The man keeps annoying asmita. Asmita says who is he. Nandani says in heart I will make your life hell.Commissioner panday asks Asmita to report right now. Asmita comes to police station. There are her posters everywhere. Asmita tears them apart. There is media They say she is from sona gachi.

She can never change. Report says you are from sona gachi and now you are having an affair with your brother in law. Asmita slaps her. They protest against her. Panday comes there and says what is happening here? Reporter says she slapped me. She should be kicked out. she has posters of having an affair with her brother in law. She distributed these posters. ASmita says I didn’t do it. Why would I. Women have right to live their life their way. Commissioner asks them to leave. He asks asmtia what is it? Asmita says no one has the right to make fun on my personal life.

He says you should keep yourself away from such controversies. Asmita says what else would I do? Why would I have my posters there?Women from NGO come to the house. They say we want asmita. We will parade her with black face. Nevi says what did she do? She says look at these posters. She placed them all over the city. Bua says she is our DIL. The woman says she was your DIL. She is a characterless girl who s now doing her business with your elder son. Asmita comes there. A woman says you should be ashamed.

You ruined married lives. Asmita says if I was wrong, law would punish me. A girl says we would blacken your face. Bua says I will call the police. They come towards asmtia. Asmtia says what are you doing I am a police officer. Don’t even dare to touch me. THey shove bua. She is about to blacken asmita’s face. Shan stops her hand. Shan shoves her. He ays stay away. Shan says who are you to question her?? Why do we have to answer anyone. I love asmita. stop me if you can.

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