These Streets update Tuesday 30 November 2021 Zeeworld Series

These Streets update Tuesday 30 November 2021

These Streets update Tuesday 30 November 2021

These streets 30 November 2021: A woman says you are a married man. Shan says yes I am so what. A woman says you are having fun. You would say this is right. Shan says say the same to your God. If I and Asmita are wrong, then Radha and Kishan are also wrong. We were also friends in childhood. Why can’t you accept our relationship? Should I stay in a wrong marriage all my life? I deserve my life. I want to spend my life with asmita. Nevi says what are you saying. This woman isn’t radha. She is a dirtty girl from sona gachi. Shan says she isn’t dirty just because she was born there. Enough.

No one would say a word against asmita. She is my love. Shan holds her hand. Shan says you can do all that you want. I would live my life with asmita. Stop me if you can. Nandani says you have to see me dead before I would kill myself. She is about to slit her wrist.Nandani says let me die first. Asmita tries to stop her. Shan takes the knife from her. Moushmi says your enemies would die. You are Shan’s wife and you have right on her. We are all with you. A woman says they are so shameless… We are all with nandani.

We would all fight for her. Nandani sits and cries. Moushmi says we have no name left in this society. This is like a tv serials. People would watch breaking news on tv. Asmita cries. Shan says you don’t have to worry. I am there with you.Nandani coems to her. Asmita shoves the door. Nandani says what is this. Asmita takes her phone. Asmita says what is this? There is her poster on the phone. Nandani breaks the phone. ASmita slaps her. asmita says I am ashamed you’re my sister. How could you stoop so low. Now you see what I do. I will use the law right way. Nandani says sure .

You are the second woman and you would always be. Asmita says do you even know what true love is like. Nandani says yes I did all this. Asmita says you act like a child. You only are stubborn. You don’t know what love is. I wont’ let you be around Shan.Shan asks for a flat on rent. His manager says I will find one. Ridoy says you are such a great lover. You are standing with her with all the dignity. I am with you in this war. shan says I am tired of this war. I only wanted my love my friend. Ridoy says you are an inspiration. These troubles make your relationship purer. No one can part you. Ridoy hugs Shan.

Moushmi says to Ravindra they would run from home. What would we do? See them going? Why is everyone silent? Ravindra says shan can do what he wants. I am tired. Moushmi says you should take a decision. He says I can’t see all this. Moushmi says okay so don’t take this decision. Give me your responsibilities. I would take a decision for Nandani. I know how to fix asmita and shan. Asmita says I won’t’ tolerate everyone talking to sir like this. And if you accuse me, I know the law.

Moushmi says look at yourself first. You are defamed in the whole city. when would we get done with dirt of sona gachi. Aru left Nevi for Chanda and now Shan is leaving nandani for you. Asmita says enough. It is time to show you all the reality. You will all see who is the cunning one here. Moushmi says what new drama is this. Asmita says the real culprit is here. If anyone tried defaming me. Asmita says to NAndani you are under arrest. Everyone is dazed. Nandani says how can you do this. She is our DIL. You are misusing your power. Asmita says I have all the powers.

Asmita shows him the man who gave Nandani her photos and number. Asmita says he pasted my posters all over the city. The man says yes she asked me to do it. Asmita says miss Nandani you are under arrest. Moushmi says you can’t do this. Asmita arrests Nandani.Asmita locks Nandani in the jail. Nandanai says asmita you are a second woman. Asmita says your lies are over.

You lied to get shan in jail I paid you back. You see now, truth wins in the end. You can’t defame a police officer like this. NAndani laughs. Nandani says you think you can do anything to me? The real picture is left. You will give me shan yourself. NAnadnia’s dad comes. Nandani says papa get me out of here. Shan says she made a mistake. He says I can ruin your and your Shan’s life. Asmita says nandani won’t’ get out of here. Nandani says papa get me out of here please. Nhe says don’t worry. He calls his contacts.

Media comes and asks asmita if she got Nandani arrested to take revenge. Shan comes and says you can’t question a police officer. She is honest. She arrested her. Reporter says who is she to you? Shan says asmita is my friend and love. Nandani came between us. Go from here now. Shan holds her hand.

Ridoy says shan’s real wife is asmita. She will get what is her right. Sir you have to take the right decision. this is unfair with both shan and asmita. Shan says it is useless to say anything to anyone here. They can’t understand our relationship but I have no hope in these people. Asmita could accuse you all too. I couldn’t even stand by her. But she always stood by me and this house. How can you all now see her reality. I won’t do that. I did what you people asked. I love asmita. SHe is my life and she would always be. I am leaving this ouse.

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